Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Bike, My Gun!

Get ride or die tryin'

Saint Cloud Concept Store

Saint Cloud concept store

We love this perfect combination of fashion and fixedgear culture. Dont we? Thats the different between gettin' fixed, and gettin' cycling with a roadies. Everytime we see a fixed gear rider, they come pedalling in fashion not in the fact everytime we see a roadbike cyclist.

In fact, someone did ask me, how come u ride wearing a jeans? Ahh, who care? We even ride without a brakes?! Its not just bicycle, and cycling. Its a culture. And this, a perfect Aussie store that mash up fashions with fixies. And they did it well! We love the store. For more, here the store page : http://www.saintcloud.com.au/


Something To Be Proud Of...

Look at the physical size of this silver medalist for Keirin od UCI Track World Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark!

For Malaysian, isn't it something to be proud of when he proves that size DOESNT matter at all. Beating up Max Levy of Germany and loses by a lil' gap to Chris Hoy of Great Britain. Triple thumbs up to Azizulhasni Awang of Team Malaysia!! Well done!

Azizulhasni Awang, Chris Hoy & Max Levy

Crossing the finishing line

Our Lion City Friend : PEONFX

PEONFX mean people on fix, is a group of passionate fixie riders that appreciate a good gathering and cycling, based in Singapore which much will known it well as a concrete jungle and of cozz, by the Lion City nick!!

I loved the ideas of PEONFX which its not form as a cycling crew, or some might known as fixed group or gangs whatever, which had a specified members, they are form based just on the love of cycling and fixed gear lifestyle. They are free, no limitation and they ride with anyone, and everyone that loves pedal power!

PEONFX also claim that they are an apparel company and support fixie fashion and an effort to expand fixie lifestyle. Sure we'll support that expanding thangss guys! They accept international order and shipped worldwide. For products and more info, checkout PEONFX itself at http://www.peonfx.com/

So lets ride! Safely!

Thanks : Jjay Ali & the whole PEONFXers!

Fixed 4 by Charge Bikes

City trash by Tom LaMarche x Charge Bike UK. I love the video, nice edit, and freakin smooth ride. And sure we'll love to have the tunnel session and mass fixed gear party. Just look at the crowd with their bikes there! Its London anyway!

Fixed 4 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo

The Only Cool Trick On A Track Bike Is Going Fast

Fixed gear trick. Everybodys love goin fast. Ride safe!

Massan SF x Leader Bike

Its not how road surface, hills that will judge you!

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo

Tight Black Colnago C50 Pista

a smooth flat "massan leader bike look" black!

courtesy of : http://www.ehvfxd.net/

Monday, March 29, 2010

Recent Activities:KL Mass Ride!

Dated on 26.3.2010, its remarks the first ever KL Mass Ride starting at Annexe, Central Market throughtout KL city center. Mass Ride was actually a monthly gathers and riding activities that celebrated all over the world on every last Friday on every month and guess what?? its just started here in Malaysia! so ride on!

During mass ride, riders will take control on most part of cities roads and owned the streets, screaming their existents to the unfriendly yet rude road users againts cyclist all over the world.

Who care what ure riding on? or wether the gather was a success or not? its a mass! its a total control!

Me myself didnt get the oppurtunity to be together with those killer ass riders but having 4 riders (Edan, Sham, Fungkok & Wok) all the way from Ipoh was better enough! Represent! And we'll make sure the next last fridays will get MASS-ier!!!

for more info checkout : http://massa-kritikal.blogspot.com/

Grom Day with Fish n' Chips & Lil' Josh

What a dynamic duo & they're sicckk!!

Grom Day w/ Fish n' Chips and Lil Josh from Beaver on Vimeo

Fred Perry x Raleigh Fixed Gear Bike

Is theres any best collaboration other than this? Vans x London Fixed? Its Fred Perry x Raleigh. And its fixed. Premier at the Fred Perry x ZOZO.jp launching on 30.3.2010. pffttt!

Fuck Work Just Ride!

A dream for each of us. Everyday. Like forever.

courtesy : http://www.thefootdown.co.uk/

Fixé Magazine Issue #3

Fixé Magz Issue #3 (March/April) is coming all the way east to our doorstep!! Wait for it...

And here a sneek during a photoshoot for Fixé Magazine by Matt Lingo & the Leader :

Leader Bike Warehouse shoot for Fixé from Matt Lingo on Vimeo

Leader TRK 2

It looks tougher than it should. Its leading. Bring em down here. The price? pfftt..!

a sneek at Leader TRK 2.0


image courtesy of http://www.leaderbikestore.com/

Envelove Fixed Gear Division

Hello this is Envelove Fixed, an Envelove single speed division. Based on Ipoh, Malaysia, the division form for the loved of cycling and fixed gear cultures that evolve around the world now.

From New York city to Milan to Paris back to Tokyo, Taipei to southeast asia and neighbours of Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore, even KL itself, we share the same spirits and love for the 2 wheels, single speed and human generated machine that creates freedom and in fact of saving our beloved earth.

Some might say, FUCK CARS! but we cant lie on the necessity of it, but lets take it as an little effort on mothernature and also a street culture that i bet, much more fun than gambling ur ass out! Lets ridee!!! And no brakesss!!